Tips4Health is a text messaging program that can help you meet your health goals.
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What is T4H?

An interactive, personalized, text-messaging program to help you prevent cancer and lead a healthy life.

The hardest part of making changes is getting started. T4H helps you set realisticgoals and motivates you every step of the way.

There are 4 programs to choose from –try as many as you want!

How does it work?

You’ll get text messages with healthy tips, strategies to stay on track, and check-ins to see how you are doing.

You’ll get several texts per week for about 6 weeks.

Participating in the program is free, but message and data rates may apply if you do not have unlimited texting. You can opt out at any time by texting STOP TEXT to the last message you received. (Not the enrollment number!)

How do I enroll in a program?

It's simple!

You must be over 18, and willing to answer a couple of short questions about yourself and your health.

Then you will start getting text messages for whichever program(s) you sign up for.

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Get help quitting smoking

You Can Quit.

“It’s tough to quit smoking, but I figured it was time to give it a shot. I got this cough that had been keeping me up at night. I always have my phone near me anyway, so I figured why not try a texting program to quit. It wasn’t easy, but the texts really helped keep me going. I’m feeling a lot better these days.”

What to Expect:

  • You choose your own quit date
  • Guidance through cravings and moods during the quitting process
  • Tips to stay smoke-free
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Improve your healthy eating habits

Switch up your choices!

“I used to start almost every day with one of those sweet coffee drinks from the store near my work. But since I’ve been having less sugar in the mornings I can’t believe how much better I feel during the day! The encouragement and ideas I got from T4H were super useful.”

What to Expect:

  • Set and work toward a realistic goal each week
  • Things like: eating more fruits & veggies, or cutting back on salty snacks
  • Useful resources like recipes & tips for healthy eating when traveling
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Helps you be more active

Get moving!

“It’s so hard to find time to work out, but I know it’s something I need to be better about. Especially since heart problems run in my family. I really liked that Tips4Health sent me ideas for easy ways to get more exercise in my day, and reminded me to get up and be active.”

What to Expect:

  • Set and work toward a realistic goal each week
  • Things like: sitting less, or increasing your step count & stretching
  • Useful resources like exercise ideas and tips to get kids involved
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Learn about getting checked for colon cancer.

Make a Plan.

“I didn’t see the point of testing for colon cancer – I felt healthy and none of my relatives ever had it, plus the tests sounded pretty bad. This program showed me that I’ve actually got options for testing and helped me get motivated to go get screened.”

What to Expect:

  • Addresses your specific concerns about getting screened
  • Practical ideas about screening choices that might work best for you
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If you have any questions about Tips4Health, please contact:

Center for Health Communications Research

University of Michigan